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The OxCal program is intended to provide radiocarbon calibration and analysis of archaeological and environmental chronological information.

The current version is 4.2 and works with IntCal13. It is available for online use or downloading.

A variety of different chronological models can be included in the analysis. The information for such analysis can be entered using the user interface or in the form of text command files.

OxCal graphs

Accessing the program

Version 4.2 (current release)

This version is available for online use or download. Please follow the following link to sign on or get a password:

OxCal online

The program can also be downloaded for use on your own computer (Windows, Mac OSX or Linux with the current version of Firefox, using a special Firefox add-on):

OxCalDistribution.zip (~3MB)

Please see the installation instructions.

Please report any bugs or problems to the OxCal discussion group.

Calibration Data Files

In order to prevent the proliferation of different calibration curve files this program has been designed to work with the files provided with the CALIB (*.14c) or the Groningen program (*.dta).

The IntCal13 and Marine13 data files are bundled with OxCal (with the kind permission of the compilers). Full details are given in Radiocarbon Vol 55(4) (IntCal13 special issue).

Since publication of these calibration curves there has been important new data published based on measurements from Kauri wood. See:

Update information and discussion group

An EMail distribution list is held of people who might be interested in announcements about updates and changes to this program:

There is also a discussion group for those interested in discussing use of the program, reporting bugs or suggesting improvements (members can send mail to this group but not the announcement list):

For further information contact the author:

Prof. C. Bronk Ramsey
Research Lab for Archaeology
Dyson Perrins Building
South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3QY

Previous versions of OxCal

Previous versions of OxCal are avaliable for download. Note that some of these have different setup requirements.

Version Download Requires
Firefox v16
Firefox v16
Firefox v16
Firefox v16
Firefox v16
Firefox v16
Firefox v16
Firefox v16
3.10 Windows, 95, NT or later

Firefox v16.0.2

The current version of OxCal is compatible with the latest Firefox release. However, you cannot use Firefox v17 or later to run older versions of OxCal (v4.2.2 and earlier) as a standalone program as the extensions required have been removed. The latest compatible version of Firefox that will work for this is archived here:

Windows specific version

Version was 3.10 which was a Windows standalone program; this is still available above but will not be further developed.

The manual for this version is available here.