Many people have helped in the production of this software. I am in debt to the many users of the program who have written in with suggestions and information on bugs. In particular, Alex Bayliss of English Heritage has been instrumental in keeping up the momentum for development. Many others have also sent in suggestions, some of which have been implemented. Others have not - ususally because of lack of time - not because the ideas themselves were not good. Andrew Millard has been particularly useful in checking for problems with new versions.

Catlin Buck and Cliff Litton and their teams must also be mentioned as the originators of the concept of using Bayesian statistics in this context and without them that aspect of the program would have been unlikely to have been produced.

Goeff Nichols of Aukland University brought many fresh ideas to the subject, in particular the notion that the 'Boundaries' themselves should be poisson distributed as well as the individual events. He also suggested many improvements to the MCMC algoriths used which have helped to improve the convergence of the calculations.

The VERA group in Vienna are due thanks both for the financial support of the developments of version 3.0 and for many useful discussions, especially with Werner Rom and Peter Steier. Stephan Puchegger also very helpfully pointed out an incomplete treatment of the calibration procedure where there are variations in the calibration curve uncertainty (especially important over the transition to the pre-holocene part of the calibration curve).

Finally I would like to thank Paula Reimer for allowing me to distribute the Intcal98 dataset with this program.

Christopher Ramsey