Error Messages

Error messages come with four levels of severity.

The lowest level is simply information you may wish to know (such as which calibration curve you are using) these are prefixed with the label INFORM. The next level up are warning error messages which may give rise to misleading or incorrect results these are given a label WARN. In both of these cases you are presented with a message box (unless the system option `Quiet' has been chosen) and you can continue by clicking on the [Retry] button. Using the [Abort] button will end the operation as soon as possible and the [Ignore] button will send the program into `Quiet' mode in which any errors are printed to the log file but do not generate message boxes.

Error messages at the next level up FATAL will result in the program finishing and you should close any windows left open and restart the program. System errors are errors which have not been trapped by the program and may be more generally associated with your system - you may need to restart your computer.

The following is an exhaustive list of the error messages produced by the program in alphabetical order.