Installation of the program is very simple.

You will need a PC running Windows95 or similar. The program is supplied as a self extracting file. Copy this (using Windows Explorer) to a suitable directory for the installation such as:

C:\Program Files\OxCal3

Don't try to install this on top of previous versions of OxCal as the new version is sufficiently different that this might cause problems.

Then extract the program by double clicking on the OCDxx.exe file.

A shortcut to OxCal.exe can be created in the normal way.

The new version can read all old input (.14i) files but has been designed to keep these separate from the temporary data files and program files. You should therefore copy any only input files to a suitable working directory such as:

C:\My Documents\OxCal3

All new input files should be saved here too.

Network installation

There should be no problem with running the program over a network. The program itself would normally be stored on the server on a read-only drive - eg:

N:\Program Files\OxCal3

With the input files being saved in a working directory which has read- write access - eg:


When you first run the program in such a situation it would be worth saving a blank input file in this directory immediately by pressing the button. This will ensure that any datafiles produced are stored in the right place.