The Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit (ORAU) is dedicated to undertaking and supporting high quality research through the application of radiocarbon dating.

The Unit's policy is to provide its research collaborators and other clients with the standard of radiocarbon dating service they require, based on scientific rigour and carried out in accordance with the best practices defined by international research in this area. To this end the Unit is engaged in continuous research and methodological development. The Unit works to continually improve the quality and efficiency of the dating service provided.

The Unit is committed to satisfying all applicable requirements, including ISO 9001, and all relevant health and safety legislation including radiation and biohazard.

The Director takes overall responsibility for the quality of the work undertaken at the Unit. However, the implementation of this Quality Policy is the responsibility of every member of staff and they must be familiar with this policy and with the detailed procedures and other documentation which are relevant to their area of work within the Unit.

Quality objectives are determined and implemented to help drive continuous improvement. They include a plan stating what will be done, when it should be completed, the resources that will be required, who will be responsible and how the outcomes will be evaluated. Objectives and the relevance of this quality policy are reviewed twice a year.

(Prof Christopher Bronk Ramsey )