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2007 Team photo

2007 Team Photo: Back row - Andrew Roberts (Australian National University), Christopher Bronk Ramsey (RLAHA, Oxford), Rupert Housley (Geography, RHUL), Eelco Rohling (NOCS), Simon Blockley (Geography RHUL) Front row - Nick Barton (Institute of Archaeology, Oxford), Clive Gamble (Geography RHUL), Martin Menzies (Earth Sciences, RHUL), John Lowe (Geography, RHUL) Christopher Stringer (Natural History Museum) Absent - Mark Pollard (RLAHA, Oxford)

Staff in May 2008

2008 RESET Staff: Rupert Housley (Geography, RHUL), Victoria Cullen (RLAHA, Oxford), Katharine Grant (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton), Dustin White (Institute of Archaeology, Oxford and Natural History Museum), Emma Tomlinson (Earth Sciences, RHUL). Absent - Catherine Price (Institute of Archaeology, Oxford), Mark Lewis (Natural History Museum)

May 2008 RESET students

2008 RESET students: Mark Hardiman (RHUL), Paul Albert (RHUL), Sharen Lee (RLAHA, Oxford), Christopher Satow (RHUL). Absent - Anna Oh (RLAHA, Oxford), Anna Todman (Earth Sciences, RHUL)