NEIF portal documentation

Registering and logging in

This system uses a common username/password with OxCal or the previous NERC radiocarbon facility system so if you already have a username and password for these you can use them.


To register as a new user press the [New User] button on the login box. You will be asked to enter your initials and surname (which would be 'I' and 'Netwon' for example) and your email address. These will generate a username (typically like inewton) and this and your password will be emailed to you.

Logging on

This should be straightforward. If you forget your password and or username you can press [Reset password] and enter either your email address or your username. You will then be reminded of your username and password. You cannot reregister with the same email address.

Setting your password

Once you have logged on you should reset your password to something you can remember and which has not been emailed to you. You can do this under [User > Change password].

Logging out

For security reasons you should log out when not using the system or not at your computer. You can do this with [User > Logout] or by closing the browser window and application.


Data Protocol

The National Environmental Isotope Facility (NEIF) provides analytical support and collaboration for eligible researchers in UK Universities and Research Institutes. All NERC facilities are required to justify their existence in terms of their scientific contribution. We therefore request that all successful applicants of NEIF support agree to the following terms to ensure NERC support is acknowledged.

Conditions of access to the National Environmental Isotope Facility:

  1. The support provided through NERC should at least be acknowledged in all relevant publications. Please include the award number in the acknowledgement. Co-authorship with NEIF staff may often be more appropriate.
  2. Results arising from the facility are not the sole property of the applicant, but are jointly owned by NERC and the applicant. NERC/the facility will not publish or otherwise use results it does not wholly own during the first 36 months after intimation of final results of that project to the user, except with the agreement of the user. If, after the moratorium period, the user has not made reasonable effort to publish data provided by the facility, the ownership of the data may be claimed in toto by NERC. Extensions are possible on request in exceptional circumstance.
  3. Publication is the prime indicator of science supported by NERC facilities and therefore an important means by which the value of the facility to the scientific community is judged. Investigators in receipt of a successful facility application are required to supply bibliographic references and/or copies of any publications (including PhD theses and non-refereed publications), which discuss or describe analyses obtained at NEIF.
  4. It is wholly the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that data arising from a successful facility application are treated in accordance with NERC data policy, see

The fulfilment of the above conditions will be considered by the NEIF Peer Review Panel in the allocation of future NERC support.

Please confirm that you agree to all the above statements:

National Environmental Isotope Facility User Survey

The NEIF has an ongoing review and improvement process. As part of this we undertake an annual user survey. The results are used to plan improvement and upgrade of what the NEIF offers the UK research community, and are reported to NERC as part of its review of how the NEIF benefits this community. As a valued user of the Facility we would therefore greatly appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to complete the following questionnaire. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed across all areas of your experience, including the application process, Facility quality, staff interaction and student training.

Survey comments made by respondents will be published on the NEIF website with responses from NEIF in due course .