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Dating services

The laboratory has over 30 years of experience in the application of radiocarbon dating and associated research and is happy to help with all aspects of the radiocarbon dating process from project design to calibration and statistical analysis. This enables the best use to be made of the radiocarbon technique.

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Application areas

We offer radiocarbon dating services for a whole range of different research areas including:

What is involved in the dating service

In all cases we encourage a collaborative approach to dating projects where we work together with users of the facility to answer the relevant research questions. In particular ORAU routinely undertakes:

Types of project

ORAU is happy to perform dating analyses for archaeologists; environmental scientists, biologists or anyone else interested in determining the radiocarbon content of material. We regularly perform analyses for public and private organisations from around the world.

Radiocarbon dating projects can be undertaken in a number of different ways including:

See sample selection, identification and submission.