OxCal Program v3.10

(c) Copyright Christopher Bronk Ramsey 2005

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The Manual

The OxCal program is intended to provide radiocarbon calibration and analysis of archaeological stratigraphy. The program runs under Microsoft Windows 95 on IBM PC compatibles.

The program is simple to use for basic radiocarbon calibration for which results are given both in text and graphical form.

Models based on archaeological or geological information can be included in the analysis. The information for such analysis can be entered using the windows interface or in the form of text command files.



The Bayesian analysis part of this program provides the ability to perform calculation based on complex models. It is possible to create models which may bias your data in ways you do not intend (see, for example, Steier and Rom 2000 and comments (Bronk Ramsey 2000) on that paper). In particular the use of 'Boundaries' is very important where there are many poorly distiguished data-points. If you are unsure about your models please ask for advice, either from an experienced user of the program, or the author.

Program References

If you use this program, you should quote the reference for the calibration curve used, the version of OxCal (with any non-standard options set) and the references Bronk Ramsey 1995 and Bronk Ramsey 2001.  If you are wiggle-matching tree-ring sequences you should quote Bronk Ramsey, van der Plicht and Weninger 2001.

For further information contact the author:

Dr. C. Bronk Ramsey
Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit
Research Lab for Archaeology
6 Keble Rd.
Oxford OX1 3QJ